Starting out on a blog

27 May 2020

I’ve decided to have a go at writing a blog of some sort. I don’t know what shape it will take yet, but the general plan is to use it to write about ideas and things that I think about on the broad theme of ‘being a scientist’. I know for certain that I am specifically going to avoid writing ‘tutorial’ style blog posts, at least to start with - I dont feel qualified or inspired to do that just now, and there is just so much great stuff out there already.

Primarily, I’ve decided to write more to improve that part of my skill set. I welcome you, whoever you are, to come with me on that journey. Perhaps we can both get something out of it, but I can’t guarantee that my rambling will be worth the read. Doing this ‘publicly’ will, I hope, motivate me to make it worthwhile for myself, and maybe for you!

In the first instance, I plan to write up some ideas that have been bubbling away in the back of my head since I started my PhD, about what it means to be ‘creative’ as a scientist - and, conversely, what creativity means for science. Let’s see how it goes. Welcome!

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